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TheJobPost is an online Recruitment Agency Marketplace, where employers and recruiters are intelligently connected in order to fill vacancies faster, more efficiently and through a single contract, removing the need to onboard new suppliers onto an existing preferred supplier list.

How it Works

Extend Visibility and Reach

Employers post their vacancies to reach specialist recruiters who are in a position to fill those vacancies at that moment in time

Recruiters Identified

TheJobPost's award winning recruiter matching algorithm, quickly identifies the best recruiters and invites them to review the job description

Quality & Commitment

Recruiters who are in a position to submit the best candidates pay to engage on a first come first served basis. This ensures only recruiters who are confident of filling the role will take on the assignment. Employers maintain complete control over the number of recruiters who engage on each role

One Contract

All recruiters engage through one contract agreed upfront between TheJobPost and the employer meaning employers can work with any new recruiter without the need to onboard them onto their PSL or disrupt existing supplier relationships

Facilitated Relationships

Engaged recruiters communicate directly with the employer to ensure they have a full understanding of the role, arrange interviews and facilitate the offer, acceptance and start date for the successful candidate

Invoicing & Compliance

On a successful placement, TheJobPost handles all invoicing and credit control, paying the recruiter their full fee on receipt of funds and inline with the agreed rebate terms ensuring no party is left exposed


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