By Will Thompson - Founder of Bulls Eye Recruiting

Let’s take a close look at the recruitment process.  As more and more candidates are passively looking for the right opportunities, they are evaluating every move an employer makes.  They are evaluating the company, the recruiters, and the leadership within an organization.   They are researching the organizations and they are talking to their peers and co-workers.  Quite simply, their voice and opinion matters! In the Internet driven world, things go viral quicker than ever before, and a bad experience can potentially damage your brand and future hires for your company.

Employers need to think about every step in the process when working with candidates.  Recruiters are the first people that candidates talk to when they interface with a company.  As we all know all too well as Human Resource professionals, first impressions go a long way.  If you are going to attract the right candidates, you better have the best recruiters to represent your company and your brand.  A run -of -the -mill paper pusher will not help you get the key hires you are looking to make in 2015.

Recruiters will need to be articulate.  They will need to be good communicators and understand the mission, vision and goals of the organization.  They need to be excellent listeners.  Recruiters that can match the goals of the candidate with the duties of the job will ultimately lead to the success of the organization.  All too often recruiters are interested in filling the role and the candidate experience is lost.  When the candidates needs and wants are not met and they feel pressured into a role, then they will be disgruntled with their experience.

Managers have to be cognizant of the candidate experience also.  Timeliness and good interviewing skills are imperative.  The candidate’s time is valuable and they will be frustrated and share their poor experiences with others if they are good or bad.  The last thing you want is someone from senior leadership representing your organization poorly.

When I think about candidate experience, I always think about the on boarding experience.  Organisations always think about the hiring, but how they bring them on board is often forgotten.  Not having the 30, 60, 90 day plan for your employee looks poor.  Training individuals and making sure they understand your product is so important.  More times than we would like to admit we rush employees into positions without having a desk space or a laptop.  If that were you, what would your impression be?

Taking this all into consideration, this is why candidate experience is so important to employers.  You should want to hire the best and retain the best.  In 2015, I predict that retaining employees will be a challenge as consumer confidence is up and people who haven’t looked for jobs in years will now be vulnerable and willing to listen to opportunities. 

So, what is it going to be?  Are you going to take a close look at your candidate experience this year?  What are you going to do differentiate yourself from other companies that are trying to attract the same talent?  The strong will win and the mediocre will lose.  This is a war and to compete, you have to be at the top of your game! 

Will Thompson(Will Thomson) is the global sales recruiter for Rosetta Stone and the Founder of (Bulls Eye Recruiting), a globally recognized blog that discusses recruiting trends, job search advice, and social media.  He is an Austinite who has 20 years in recruiting and sales experience. Will was recognized in 2015 as one the (Top 100 Most Influential  People in HR & Recruiting on Twitter ).  He is a keynote speaker who speaks around the nation about recruiting