By Henry Davies

Turn the candidate experience into
an exceptional marketing opportunity…

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If someone has a great candidate experience and they share it with their friends, that’s like someone paying for your marketing.  It’s priceless. 

So how do you get your candidates and customers to share? 

First, you need to give them an experience to remember.  But I’m not going to dwell on that.  I trust you to do your job well.

I’d like to focus on how you can turn great experiences into advocacy – and the kind of advocacy that attracts candidates and clients to come to you. 

Ask them – Whether through a survey, a call or even via social media, look for feedback whenever you can.  Remember, candidates are judging employers and recruiters all the time – just look at Glassdoor or think about how referrals and recommendations are made.  Even through the process of asking people to assess and rate their experience, you are showing how much you care about them.  You are also gathering data you can use in your marketing. 

Create content – You can turn data into insights and stories.  How many recruiters out there are sharing what candidates thought about the experience?  Not many.  Straight away, there is a key differentiator for any recruiter.  But this is not simply about promoting a rating or score; tell the stories of how people have felt going through the process.  Don’t filter; allow people to tell a story that is personal and authentic – even if it is not always the most glowing reference. 

Share – We are a nation of sharers.  So sharing good, interesting content is more important than simply posting jobs, ratings and case studies.  Share stories and insights, and ask people to comment and debate, and encourage them to share further.  Be seen as an open and transparent recruitment partner. 

Never ignore – One bad comment or negative piece of feedback shouldn’t be ignored or moderated.  Actually it’s a great way to show how you are responding to feedback and always aiming for the best possible candidate experience. 

Of course, this takes work to put in place.  You need to be brave enough to ask for feedback from candidates and clients.  You have to create content that is much more inspiring than job data or role descriptions.  And you have to be ready to share, respond, discuss and even admit mistakes.  But imagine if you did.  Just think how much clients and candidates would love you for it…

Here’s a short video that shows how advocacy can work – especially when it comes to sharing insights and opinions.

Henry Davies, 106Comms

Written by Henry Davies, Communications Consultant and Founder, 106 Communications.  106 focuses on helping organisations to engage colleagues and talent, and build reputation from the inside out.  Content  @106comms or visit