By Vikram Jones

Recruiters, it is time adopt new methods to resource candidates through social media! Just as Moses helped the Israelites escape the Egyptians, it is time to review your toolkits and be a little creative with your attraction strategies.  We love LinkedIn, but know that you need to be better than simply a LinkedIn junkie.

Ladies and Gentlemen… I will take you to the Promised Land, Pinterest, and here are your 10 Commandments!  (We are trying to be topical… And Lisa wants a date with the current Moses, Christian Bale!)

These commandments are based upon the 2 needs of the average recruiters – getting followers, and keeping them!

5 ways to get candidates following you

1) Give people what they want!
Candidates and clients are still your average Pinterest users. Over 80% of users are women (I’ve yet to meet a recruiter who does not employ women) and people enjoy boards which give them what they are surfing for. How do your candidates think?  What tech do they use?  Where do they live? Are they “in to” anything?

2) Give candidates hints and tips!
You aren’t the only recruitment firm out there… you have to give talent and clients a reason to use YOUR services. Offering your candidates tips on how to get dressed and how to speak is what we call Recruiter Junk Food Content at Barclay Jones.  Be better!  Specialise in Sales talent? Offer articles around how to hit targets, close sales, manage difficult clients…. And so on – burn that bush!

3) Showcase your firm!
Be approachable and welcoming for both candidates and clients. Show off your staff, offices and ethos so that they can get the feel of the company. What are you like to work for?  Every recruiter we know is hiring, but appears to be doing little to improve their own attraction strategy (don’t get Lisa started!)  Part that Red sea!

4) Show candidates and clients what you offer!
Sell your firm. Create boards about your services, have boards about your available jobs, tell people about your success stories (past candidates and clients).  You won’t get plagued by locusts for selling your business.

5) Like and comment on other Pinterest profiles to leave the paw-print of your brand online
Get your logo on some prominent pages but make sure that you say something relevant and useful. People will remember your brand and maybe even follow you back to your own pages.  We spend so much time posting, we forget to pollenate elsewhere.


5 things to make sure you keep your followers (like Moses but with less blood and burning bushes…)

6) Use infographics!
EVERYONE LOVES INFOGRAPHICS.  Stats + images = excellent content. Use infographics to showcase your business and give candidate ideas by uploading example infographic CVs.  Get your infographics from Pinterest itself if you’re stuck for content.

7) Optimise posts!
Post at the perfect time to maximise the impact of your post. For information about optimum times, click here.

8) Mix up your medium
Keep your readers engaged by not only posting pictures but also blogs and articles. Perhaps go further, putting yourself out there by posting videos, slide decks and audio clips! It took Moses 7 different plagues to make his impression.

9) Drive traffic to your site
Link to your website and other social streams. Maybe have a pin on a job board saying, "similar jobs" which takes candidates to another job board.

10) Be creative!
Give people a reason to want to go to your site! Candidates want to be engaged in their job search and clients want agencies that stand out from the crowd and solve their problems... Make sure your site has “pinnable” content with nice images so that people will pin it. Just as God acted indirectly through Moses, your creative content is the vessel that should drive traffic to your site through Pinterest!

Thus, here are my Pinterest 10 commandments for recruiters. Follow these and increase your ability to source… Fail to follow them at your peril – like that silly Pharaoh, Ramses!


Vikram Jones is the Marketing Executive for Barclay Jones. He conducts marketing campaigns to promote the business and manage Barclay Jones' online streams to strengthen their brand. Barclay Jones works with recruiters and specialise in recruitment technology and social media for recruitment. We advise on the effective use of recruitment technology and social media to improve business process, recruitment and bottom line.