By Andy Hinxman

The recruitment industry is worth more than £26bn to the economy but I don’t have to tell you that. With those high stakes it is vital that your information is kept safe and secure – yet at the same time it has to be easily accessible. Here are 5 essentials for making your IT system work for you.

  1. Accessibility – Office 365 or Virtual Desktops are obviously a must but so too is the ability to access data on multiple devices. You also need to look at whether the systems you are using are true Cloud.  Most Recruitment systems these days are browser based, so easy to access and generally easy to navigate, however, just because they are browser based does not mean they will be fast and efficient across the globe. True cloud systems include Microsoft Dynamics (e.g. Mercury XRM), Salesforce (e.g. Talent Rover) or Bullhorn. These can be accessed via mobile devices too with an App or a mobile friendly website.

  2. Security – Recruitment isn’t the only sector where former employees can leave with your data but it does have a reputation as one of the hardest hit. Obviously you need to block access when people leave, change passwords etc – and that includes for mobile and remote access too. 

    Despite the above steps, many recruiters worry about data being downloaded onto a memory stick or taken in other ways.  With Office 365 Rights management, you are able to protect against this.  This system ensures that wherever the file or email is, it will require authentication from specified users before it can be opened.

    There are dangers in relying on the open source cloud applications in terms of security. If someone shares a link on Dropbox do you want that person to have the right to share it with someone else?

  3. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – This is well worth considering if you are making international calls but also if, like most recruiters, your UK, mobile and local phone bill is high. We had one client calling the Middle East and Europe who managed to save £25,000 a year by moving from BT to a VoIP provider. Calling a mobile in Romania with BT from a landline will cost you £17 a minute. The same from a VoIP provider can be as low as 62p per minute!

  4. Flexibility – Like accessibility, it is crucial you can get into your systems 24/7 – especially when dealing with international clients. Having safe and secure storage, which is big enough to hold the information you need but being flexible enough so you don’t have to trawl through too much data is important too.

  5. Recruitment CRM / ATS  – There is plenty of software out there but decide what works for you in terms of what you need as a recruiter. Easy access and security are obviously crucial. What is great about cloud based CRM and ATS systems is that your team can track and update data straight after meetings, on the road and the same information is available to everyone who needs it at the same time.

Andy Hinxman, Founder of Keybridge IT, has worked within IT for Recruitment companies for over fifteen years and is aware of the software, databases and overall IT needs of the industry. Working for numerous big agencies like Harvey Nash as well as Financial Institutions such as Reuters he is capable of understanding IT needs for small and medium enterprises. Keybridge meets these needs through catered IT Packages, enforcing the policy of becoming your in house IT function, who are flexible and approachable.