By Iain Wills

Here at Powermeeter, we attend a wide range of meetings and events at which recruiters are considering buying some kind of Recruitment Technology for their organisation. Even from the supplier side of the room, there can often seem to be a bewildering array of alternatives on offer, each one promising to solve anything from one to a hundred headaches!


One of the main factors behind this feeling is the speed with which improvements and upgrades are added. Having worked with a number of RecTech decision makers, here are my thoughts on the various considerations I see people making to reach the soundest possible outcomes.


First, and most importantly, have a clear idea of what the problem you are looking to solve is. This may sound obvious, but once the range of alternatives begin to assemble, it can become increasingly tough to focus on what is needed. Clearly define what your pain-points are and what impact these are having on your capabilities, to keep you on track.


Next, decide what scale of solution is going to work for you best. Does this need to be a solution that will still be functioning in 5 years’ time, or will a clean, functional solution for the next period of peak demand work best? There is increasing chatter in the RecTech space of “disposable” solutions, usually light, flexible solutions that fit “for now”, acknowledging that another simple, light and even more flexible solution may be available by the next time you need to source an alternative.


One problem which is unavoidable with particularly new tech, is how to validate the offering and compare the alternatives, when you may be among the first to try something. The key here is again, clarity around your requirements. You are searching for a solution that answers your key issues, not everyone else’s. Ask for an opportunity to try the product or service first [most new tech providers will be delighted to have someone willing to give them real feedback], and wherever possible speak directly to any peers who have used the same system. But don’t feel you have to follow in someone else’s footsteps, if it matches your requirements, why not be the pioneer yourself?


As you decide, get a clear understanding of what implementation is going to involve across your organisation; who needs to be involved, from what stage, and keep them engaged at all key moments. Most suppliers would welcome the chance to meet all stakeholders once, so why not arrange a demo morning of potential suppliers to concentrate the mind and manage both the diaries and decision making process.


Finally, be sure you know what the service you select will give you going forward. Most solutions will be improved, upgraded and updated over time, so ensure that you have clear answers regarding what will be provided free as part of the service, and what improvements may need to be legitimately budgeted for, as your supplier enhances their offering in response to market demands.

Iain Wills has spent much of the last 18 years working for major job boards such as, Personnel Today and several titles at Trinity Mirror. Iain also spent time working for the UK start up of LivingSocial, a major launch from the US e-commerce brand. is an innovative, online candidate screening service that taps into both his recruitment and digital experiences.