We want every Recruiter and Employer to have a positive experience from using TheJobPost and have drawn up a code of conduct to do our best to ensure this is the case.


  • We will strive to ensure there is transparency and fairness in using the platform. We will remain neutral and independent.
  • We will do our best to ensure recruiters and employers engage effectively with each other and encourage interaction between them.
  • If something goes wrong we will look to resolve it quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
  • We value long term relationships and reputation over short term gains.


  • Only engage on vacancies that sit within your specific areas of expertise and knowledge.
  • Only engage on vacancies where you are able to source suitable candidates.
  • If you review a vacancy and decide not to engage you will endeavour to provide, accurate, confidential feedback using our drop down menu, so we can provide feedback to the employer.
  • The recruiter and employer are free to engage and communicate in whatever way they decide to ensure delivery, however all CV’s must be submitted via TheJobPost (otherwise it becomes difficult to ensure that you receive feedback from the employer).
  • Only submit candidates that have agreed to be put forward for the specific vacancy.
  • TheJobPost will provide the employers identity to help you choose which new clients you would like to work with, (unless they have specially asked to remain confidential). TheJobPost encourages recruiter briefings and other helpful direct contact. However, if a potential dispute should arise this must always be raised initially with TheJobPost.


  • As recruiters pay to engage on each vacancy you must only post vacancies that are active and you require CV’s to review (this ensures that recruiters are confident they can supply quality candidates). Therefore, TheJobPost should not be used for speculative positions or vacancies which have not undergone your usual approval process.
  • Once CV’s have been submitted you will endeavour to provide feedback to the recruiter within 3 days.
  • Once the vacancy is filled, TheJobPost will release payment to the recruiter once we have received payment from the client and therefore payment within the agreed terms of business should be made without delay.

In the event of any questions or difficulties with the system please feel free to call a member of the Customer Engagement Team on 0207 822 1816.